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Summer Time At Luna

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It’s sure hot out these days, and you can really tell that the summer heat is lingering around. If you’re hustling home from work, why not drop into Luna Grill and Diner and grab a refreshing beverage and dinner? Our Arlington location is both centrally located and easy to get to after a day at the office. Why not have a refreshing home-cooked meal and beverage on our shaded and relaxing patio.

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The family-owned restaurant opened in 2008 and has been serving fresh, delicious food to our guests ever since. Our extensive menu includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert items that are house made from the finest ingredients. We also have a full bar and serve happy hour daily. Luna Grill is based on our passion for food, which is reflected in each unique menu item. Our menu can be customized for catering at offices, events, or special occasions. Anyone and everyone are welcome to come enjoy a great meal in a comfortable, wholesome environment. We look forward to serving you!

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Good Work

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Nancy Tucker

This is my favorite place in Shirlington

Excellent, excellent, excellent! This is my favorite place in Shirlington, as it's good, solid food, and a warm, comfortable atmosphere.…Read More

Clarence J.

Two cheers for Luna Grill

Luna is one of those places that is the perfect standby. Whenever my out-of-town family visits, they insist on eating here at least once. If you take your indecisive friends here, they will think you're a hero for knowing exactly what everyone wants.…Read More

Stephanie D.